At Home Apartments in St. Cloud Testimonials

What our renters are saying…

“I do plan to search you guys out when I need an apartment in St Cloud again. A good experience is never forgotten…” – Andy

“This has been far and away the finest apartment living experience I have ever had, due to the superb way this complex is managed.” – Paul

“Felt like home right away. For being first-time renters, you guys made it very comfortable and non-stressful.”
- Reed & Steph

“The staff are always friendly and personable. Easy to approach with any issue.”
- Mark, Rosewood Terrace resident

“They provided me with a clean and quiet unit; that had new tile and new carpet.”
- Andy, Rosewood Terrace resident

“I very much enjoyed my stay. I was able to move in quickly, and my apartment always got complimented. The only trouble I had was with my AC cover, and it was taken care of immediately. Management was always quick to assist me with answering questions. The property was always clean and well maintained. I especially enjoyed the flowers!” -Leila

“Loved the quaint location. The staff was very nice and great to work with.” – Greta

“Management team is always very professional and responsive to our needs…we were impressed.” – Angie

“Staff was very friendly, did not pressure us to rent and were very accommodating to our needs.” – Laura

“Great renting experience; repairs were done promptly and the staff was very friendly.” – Shannon

“Staff was very helpful and available to answer any questions, I was satisfied with my experience” – Jenna —- Victorian Terrace Resident 2015

“Staff was very straightforward and informational during the viewing of the apartment, and was excellent in helping us through the lease signing process” -Samantha— Victorian Terrace Resident 2015

“I was impressed with my move-in experience. Staff answered phone calls and questions promptly. Allowed me to drop my stuff off the U-haul truck into the vacant apartment New Years Eve, a day before my move in date. That saved us a day’s truck rental, which I appreciated”. – Rick—-Rosewood Terrace Resident 2015