Maintenance Issue: Routine or Emergency?


Oh-Oh” moments happen— and not just between 8:00 and 5:00.

For the safety and convenience of our residents, we offer a 24 hours emergency maintenance service (in addition to our exceptional routine maintenance services).

If you are calling during business hours, please contact the Rental Office. All after-hours emergencies should be directed to the appropriate number for your property. To allow us to provide you with the best possible service, please follow the guidelines:

 Routine Requests:

Routine requests should be called into the office during business hours. You can also make requests on our website, tenant portal or via email.

Leave a message, including a brief description of the problem, your phone number and your apartment address, and we will complete your request as soon as possible.

 Emergency Requests: Our after hours service is for emergencies only.

What we do classify as an emergency service:

          - Water leaking into your apartment

          – Heat below 64 degrees during the winter

          – Smell of gas in your apartment

          – Main sewer line back up in which water is coming up into your   sink/bathtub/toilet

          – Loss of electricity beyond fuse or circuit breaker

          – Warm refrigerators (on weekends)

What we do not classify as emergency service:

          – A small plumbing leak (please try placing a pan or bucket underneath the leak)

          – A plugged sink

          – Appliance repair (other than warm refrigerator on weekends)

          – Blown fuse or light bulb (you are responsible for replacing these yourself)

          – Plugged toilet which can be unplugged with a plunger. We strongly suggest having a plunger to unplug toilets and sinks.      

For more information, please contact your local rental office. Maintenance contact information varies by property, which is why we have not included contact info in this blog posting.