Helpful Living Tips: How to Prevent Fruit Flies


If you keep your home tidy and clean, but still become pestered by the occasional fruit fly, you’re not alone. These uninvited guests are a common problem and can seem to appear out of nowhere. Once arrived at your doorstep, they can be difficult to shake. Here are a few quick and easy tips and tricks to prevent fruit flies.

Let’s start with some basics…

It is important to dispose of any overripe or forgotten fruits that are sitting out on your counter tops or tables. These are prime suspects for attracting fruit flies. Also, never leave an exposed, half eaten piece of fruit or vegetable out at room temperature. Keep partially eaten food sealed in a baggie or container. Be sure to get strict about washing dishes after meals. No sticky residue = no potential food for these bugs. Don’t forget to tie your garbage bag closed after disposing food items, and take out the garbage more frequently, especially if filled with left-over food.

So maybe you already follow these guidelines, but still find these annoying fruit flies hovering around. Maybe it’s time to take a more aggressive approach…

If you purchase fruits that need to ripen at room temperature, rinse them off immediately. Fruits like melons, bananas, pears, and kiwis may have juice on their skins which beckon to a fruit fly. After rinsing and thoroughly drying the fruit, place it in a paper bag and seal.

Rinse out pop/soda cans and bottles before recycling. It’s also crucial to rinse out the sink or pour a few tablespoons of bleach down the drain to sit overnight. A drain is prime realty for fruit flies even if there’s a hint of wine, juice, or pop remaining inside the pipes.

If you’re strict about doing all of these and those darn fruit flies persist in calling your place their home, there is an effective remedy that only requires daily household items to eliminate them. Trap fruit flies by mixing apple cider vinegar and a dash of dish detergent in a small container. Cover the top with plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band so the plastic wrap is taut. Using a toothpick, poke several small holes in the top as these are the entrances for the flies. Being as they’re not the most intelligent creatures, they don’t know how to escape, hence getting trapped in your homemade design.

After heeding this advice and taking the proper measures, you still find yourself with a fruit fly problem, please don’t hesitate to call your property manager or leasing office. Our staff is committed to helping you maintain a clean and pest – free home.

Submitted by Chris Neve

Assistant Property Manager, Grand Avenue Leasing Oiffice