About Us :: At Home Apartment’s Values

“We are purveyors of clean, quiet and well-maintained apartment homes. Each of our residents appreciates an attractive building with clean common areas, a well-maintained apartment with updated kitchen and bath and the security of knowing that a capable staff will be available to tend to their needs. We offer a wide array of apartments and buildings, in many different locations, with varying levels of amenities; but all having these common themes.”
-Mike Cashill, President

Management Philosophy…

At Home Apartments is, and has always, retained complete focus on being an apartment living specialist. Our primary goal is to be the best rental housing provider in each market we serve, with an unwavering commitment and focus. We strive to provide the highest quality and best value to each resident in every apartment.

First, we acquire structurally solid apartment properties in favorable locations. Then, implementing appropriate improvements to the property and operations, including sound management policies and physical and aesthetic improvements, we make sure residents know we appreciate and value a well cared for home.

Finally, our staff continually strives to provide clean quiet, well-maintained apartments to every resident, while offering excellent customer service and attention to detail to promote long-term, satisfied residents.

Where we are headed…

At Home Apartments is always looking for opportunities in the rental housing market. In the past, we have capitalized on opportunities such as the resurgence of city living and the increased popularity of classic turn-of-the-century buildings.

Even with continued growth, we strive to optimize performance of our existing portfolio by maintaining our high level of quality, customer service and attention to detail.

At Home Apartments has more owners involved in day-to-day operations than any other Midwest apartment management company. Employing an extensive use of incentive programs for our well qualified staff, residents are ensured a highly committed team, dedicated to serving their needs.