Apartment Living-Basic Safety Tips


Although picking out the right kitchen table or color scheme for your new abode may be top your new apartment’s “to-do” list, don’t forget to think about safety.

Renter’s Insurance

One tip to help ensure safety for both you and your belongings is to purchase renter’s insurance. In contrast to popular belief, your landlord’s insurance typically only covers the building itself—not your belongings.

At this point you maybe asking yourself, “isn’t renters insurance costly?”

Typically, you can be insured for only $10-$15 per month! For roughly $100.00 per year, you can begin to enjoy your new home with piece of mind!

Also, many vehicle insurance companies offer rental insurance and bundle this option with your existing vehicle coverage.

Oh, be sure to ask about flood coverage if this is something that concerns you (or you live right off of the river). Most rental policies do not include flood coverage in their basic rental insurance packages, and must be purchased separately.


Now that your belongings are insured, your physical safety is the next concern.

Does your front door have a peephole? If so, use it! Do not open the door before seeing who is standing on the other side.

No peephole? Don’t be too shy to ask “Who’s there?” No answer, that’s simple…don’t open the door.

Entering/Exiting the Building

It is also important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings while entering and exiting your apartment building. It will be much easier to spot suspicious behavior if you are attentive.

If you building has controlled doors, do your part in keeping the building safe by not allowing others (without keys) to enter the building. All residents should have their own set of keys, if they are in fact residents! Politely inform the person attempting to enter that you do not feel comfortable letting them into the building, and that they should contact management if they need assistance.

Lock Up

Whether you are heading out for a walk or simply coming home from an outing, be sure to lock your door. Many home and vehicle thefts occur every year in structures that are never “broken” into. People simply are too trusting, and thus don’t lock up their belongings—the intruders walk right in!