“Smoke Free” Living– A Whole New Experience!

Beginning in the spring of 2012, our St. Cloud properties adopted the “Smoke Free” policy. This has been an exciting transition. As of this date, we have only been leasing apartments to residents who agree not to smoke, or allow others to smoke, in the building or their apartment.
There are numerous benefits to a “Smoke Free” living experience. Below are a few…


1. Protecting residents from second hand smoke
2. Providing a cleaner and more pleasing living environment
3. Reducing the dangers of fire
4. Reducing maintenance and re-decorating costs


For more information on the Initiative for Smoke-Free Apartments, please call us directly or visit www.ansrmn.org.Our goal is to create a safer and more enjoyable living experience for our residents.
Management’s adoption of a smoke-free living environment, and the efforts to designate the complex as smoke-free, do not guarantee a completely smoke free living environment. Management will take reasonable steps to enforce the smoke-free terms of its leases and to make the complex smoke-free.